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See what our clients have to say about our staff and services by reading some of the testimonials they sent. If you like to share your experience in working with us, you are more than welcome to send your testimonials.

14 responses to “Client Reviews”

  1. My father who had Parkinson’s disease had gotten to the point where he needed additional medical care that we weren’t equipped to provide, as my stepmother had became ill too.

    My brothers and I looked at group care homes all day one day and the last place we interviewed at was Great Heart Assisted Living. Glenn and Tavie put us at ease, as it was one of the hardest decisions my brothers and I have ever had to make. They treat all their residents as if they were their own family. Both of them have several years of caregiver experience and are very compassionate people.
    They always made it a point of including their residents families in birthday and holiday celebrations. The home is immaculate and very cozy and welcoming.
    Our father passed away last year and we still keep in touch with them. They have become family. We will forever be grateful for the love and care they gave our precious Dad.

  2. We search nursing homes in group homes looking for the perfect home for our dad! After a week of looking we had a recommendation from a stranger who happened to be golfing with my cousin he was an RN and had done work at Great Heart. We went to their home and we were so excited because we finally found a place that we knew our dad would be comfortable and well taken care of. Their home was comfortable, clean, professional. Very little restrictions on visitation which with our big family was very important to us. They met all of our expectations of a home that we knew our dad would be comfortable and well taken care of. Our family became a larger family with their family. Glen was so patient, caring and a very genuine man. He was very good with my dad even when my dad was experiencing very hard times. They bonded which we never anticipated and that bond meant everything to our family. Tavey, is right alongside of Glen she is professional, loving and very caring. They make a great team! I highly recommend Great Heart for your loved one. It was a godsend for us.

  3. They gave the most amazing care to my dad while he was there. My dad could be overwhelming at times but they never made him or us feel uncomfortable. They have a warm, caring, loving, and compassionate home. You will not be disappointed with your loved one staying there. Tavey and glen are amazing people.

  4. I can’t say enough of the excellent care our Father received & most of all the understanding
    They had with him. My Father always believed he would be going home and they helped him
    Gain strength back and encouraged him.
    It was the hardest thing was to find a home that
    Would suit my Mom & Sisters for our Dad.Till we found them.
    The food was excellent & the home is immaculate always and decorated,so it’s very homey.
    Dads 85th Birthday was a great
    Celebration around the pool and green grass they cooked decorated for around 22 people.
    Thank you Glenn & Tavey for loving our Father.
    You have became part of are family now!
    ❤️ Sheila Noel

  5. Absolutely the most sincere caregivers you’ll meet. My grandfather became part of their family! What a gift to be able to trust them and not worry when we left. Would absolute recommend this home to anyone looking.

  6. My mom moved into Great Heart Adult Assisted Living Home a little over two years ago following several strokes and the death of her husband. Glenn and Tavie do an amazing job providing a very home-like atmosphere for the residents. My mom’s room is full of plants and mementos from home, plus she loves the backyard view. Both Glenn and Tavie are clearly committed to providing outstanding care for the residents, from arranging transportation to appointments to conducting crafts classes. My mom is happy here, and I have peace of mind knowing she is being so well taken care of. I would highly recommend Great Heart!

  7. This is the best home you could place your loved one! Glenn & Tavy are extremely caring professionals. My mother-in-law was a resident at Great Heart for over two years. She loved everyone there. My husband and I always felt peace of mind knowing she was getting the best possible care. Many thanks to Glenn & Tavy and the Great Heart family.

  8. Great Heart was a Wonderful, Compassionate & Professional home for my Father. The care was Wonderful and couldnt have found a better Group home for my Dad. My heart was at peace leaving my Dad in their care, knowing when I was gone he was in a caring, loving & safe environment at all times with 24 hour care. I would Highly recommend Great Heart for your loved ones. Thank you Glen & Tavey for loving my Dad ❤

  9. My mother is being cared for by the most loving care home ever ! The couple that owns and manages the home is attentive , thoughtful and endearing. I would highly recommend them . Glenn is so detailed about the management and Tavie is always finding opportunities to make the residence feel special . Doing their nails , fixing their hair for instance . Also sending us pictures to keep us up to date . Thank you

  10. I moved my aunt from another facility to Great Heart and I could not have been happier! The level of care was thorough, professional and detailed. They are very knowledgeable and experienced in elder care. My aunt felt like part of their family! The meals were delicious and my aunt was able to make requests! I can’t say enough about the level of care, I am long distance and communication was important for me. I was called and kept informed almost daily. I never worried because i knew how qualified and committed to excellence they were. My aunt and I feel truly blessed to have been a part of the Great Heart family!

  11. I highly recommend Great Heart Adult ALH for your loved one. My husband has Dementia and has been at Great Heart for several months. I have total piece of mind that he is getting the best care.
    Glenn and Tavi, the Owners,
    are very caring and have a wealth of experience in the healthcare field. I also like the fact that they live in the home and create a very family friendly atmosphere.
    My husband has been in other Assisted Living facilities,
    and Great Heart is the best.
    Please feel free to contact me if you should have any
    Questions or concerns.
    Warm regards,
    Barb Brock

  12. I highly recommend Great Heart Adult ALH for your loved one . I know what a difficult decision it is for the family, and how hard it is to find the right caring home.
    My husband has dementia and has been at Great Heart for several months.
    Glenn and Tavie, the Owners,
    are both very caring and well trained in the health care field. I always have peace of mind that Denver’s is in good hands.
    I also like the fact they live at the facility and that there is a good family atmosphere.
    Denver has been at other facilities during the 4 years
    that I had to put him in the care of a home, and this home is the best care he has received.
    Warm regards
    Barb brock

  13. I highly recommend Great Heart Adult ALH for anyone looking for a good home to place your loved one.
    My husband has Dementia and has been in their care for several months, and has been in two other Assisted Living homes in the past 4 year, and Great Heart is the
    I am very comfortable knowing that he is getting the best of care. Glen and Tavie, the Owners, are both very caring and have a wealth of experience in the Health care field.
    I also like the fact that they live in the home and have created a very family friendly
    I feel U would not regret your decision to place your loved one in their care.
    Barb Brock

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